Quorum Service Plans

Quorum Can Help You Make the Most With Your Business Dollars

PBX phone systems increase the efficiency and professionalism of your business, however they can be expensive to purchase and to maintain. With Quorum, YOUR INVESTMENT IS LIMITED TO ONLY THE PURCHASE OF VOIP PHONES. Immediately improve your cash flow with easy monthly payments that can provide a significant savings to your current phone bills. Or if you already have your own system, let us show you how you can take advantage of the cost advantages of the Quorum Service. (more)

Significantly reduce your monthly phone bill – All calls are transported through your existing internet connections. All of your calls between your IP stations, local and long distance travel on-net and are FREE OF CHARGE! The public network charge incurred on Outside calls (off-net calls) can be significantly less than what you are currently paying for telephone service- you only pay for what you use! (See All Plans)

Unlimited Extension Plan

Starting at just $20.95/mo! For smaller offices with 5 to 10+ phones or users, Unlimited Extension plan is just right. It’s cost effective, includes all the same features as our larger plans, and fully upgradeable.

Business Plans with Shared or Unlimited Usage

Perfect for companies that have outgrown the “pay per device” model, and who want all the benefits of Hosted PBX and VoIP, at the lowest price possible. Have extra phones in conference rooms, in empty cubes, or at home? The Quorum Business Plans are designed for you.

SIP Trunking

Want to get more out of the PBX you already own? Add Quorum SIP trunking and start taking advantage of the business continuity and cost savings VoIP. Our Enhanced SIP Trunk services even include built-in disaster recovery features like a backup PBX in the cloud!

Quorum Extension

Quorum Business

Quorum Server

Quorum SIP Trunk

From $20.95/mo*

3 to 10+ Users

Extension Based Pricing

Unlimited Domestic Usage

Leading Hosted PBX features

Expandable and Upgradable

* Price per extension * Call for details. Terms apply

Optimized For 10 to 1,000 Users

Best Business Value

Shared Usage & Unlimited Plans

Leading Hosted PBX features

Multi-Office and Mobile Workers

Expandable and Upgradable


Dedicated PBX Server (Hosted or Installed)

Premium Features

Operator Panel Options

Outlook Plugin Options

Call Recording

Limitless possibilities

VoIP Service for your Existing PBX Phone System

Use Your current PBX system with the cost advantages of Quorom Service.

Shared Usage & Unlimited plans

Expandable and Upgradable

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