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Invoice Fraud Alert

DCP Letter

TSM South has been made aware of fraudulent invoices being sent by USTelecom to businesses across the country, which has prompted the United States Telecom Association to post the following notice on the internet:

If you are seeking to contact the United States Telecom Association (US – USTelecom) regarding an invoice you have recently received for a ‘Telecom Maintenance Agreement,’ please be advised that we are not the company that sent you this invoice (we are in fact an association that represents broadband providers).

We are aware that a company calling itself both ‘UST’ and ‘US Telecom’ has been sending these fraudulent invoices to school districts, small businesses and other organizations.

Fraudulent Long Distance Calls

Protect your Business by simply setting up your four-digit VoiceMail password

More and more businesses are receving bills with unexpected long distance calls. This is due to hackers dialing into a telephone system and accessing unprotected voicemail boxes. TSM South instructs its customers to have a password in place on every voicemail extension in use. The password can be the last four digits of your Social Security. Do not use ‘0000’ or ‘1234’. If assistance is needed, please call service 919-854-7993 option 2 or email service@tsmsouth.com.

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